Hello, I’m

Dr. Jacques Rizk

I’m a clinical psychologist and I’ve been a practicing therapist for nearly 25 years, working with a diverse range of people in a variety of community, hospital, and private practice settings. I see mainly teenagers and adults, and I have a special interest in supporting LGBTQIAP+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual, and others) people and their loved ones.

I was born, raised, and educated in Australia, and hold a combined Masters/PhD in Clinical Psychology. I’m registered as a psychologist through AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) and have an ‘area of practice endorsement’ in Clinical Psychology. I’m a member of the APS (the Australian Psychological Society), a fellow of the APS Clinical College, and a member of AusPATH (the Australian Professional Association for Transgender Health).

My love of shaping the knowledge and practice of other clinicians extends beyond supervision, to running trainings and workshops, presenting at conferences, guest lecturing, and my involvement in other professional development events. Not only do I find this role tremendously enriching both personally and professionally, but these occasions are also opportunities for the exchange of information and skills that ultimately benefit the people and communities I’m most invested in reaching.

Some of the topics I cover during these professional development events include : 

Choosing the right

Therapist for You

I help people of all sexual orientations and genders with: 

  • Mood, anxiety, and emotional problems
  • Attachment and relationship issues
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Trauma
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Addictions
  • Work and study problems
  • Personality troubles
  • Cultural identity or spirituality
  • Existential and life direction worries


Telehealth Practice

I conduct all therapy and supervision consultations exclusively online (as videocalls and occasionally phonecalls) rather than in person.

Technology-assisted health service delivery (known as ‘telehealth’) has existed in various forms for many decades, and it offers some real advantages. For some, a little privacy and decent wi-fi is far more convenient to organise than the logistics of travelling for therapy. Telehealth also brings highly specialised services within the reach of people who otherwise struggle to access help due to disability, location, work, carer obligations, poor health, pandemic lockdowns, or other life circumstances.

I’ve been a mental health practitioner for nearly 25 years, and have spent over half that time adapting traditional therapies to telehealth mediums. I worked for 10 years at a telephone and online crisis counselling service, I’ve been remotely supervising at schools and health centres across the country for years, and I began adapting my psychology practices to suit videocalls within days of the first pandemic lockdown in 2020.

Between my many years of telehealth experience, the flexibility it offers everyone involved, the growing use of technology to enhance health service delivery, and the potential for greater inclusivity and equity (core values of mine) through increased community access…well, moving my practice completely online was almost inevitable.

I’m very proud of the innovative private practice I’ve built, and trust you’ll find telehealth therapy with me a refreshing and smooth change too.



I only use evidence-based therapies that I’m extensively trained in, and those therapies are tailored to your specific situation.

I mostly use: 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Compassion Focused Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Emotion Focused Therapy
  • Schema Therapy
  • Clinical Hypnosis
I believe that every individual already has the raw ingredients within them to unfold into the healthiest and most fulfilled version of themselves possible.

My job, as I see it, is to help you access the answers, courage and skills within, and guide you towards the rich life waiting for you.

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